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Based on the German Bundesliga, this forecasting homepage offers predictions backed by stats for the eight highest German leagues. Furthermore, predictions for many more European leagues have been added.
Some leagues are far more tricky to forecast than others. When it comes to forecasting results, the German top flight, the 1. Bundesliga, is amongst the more difficult leagues. However, across all leagues, a consistently optimised method of calculation guarantees excellent results.
The analysis shows those European league competitions which are particularly 'easy' to forecast. In order to beat the bookies as well as the betting exchange, it is good advice to study those leagues more extensively.

This website offers football predictions for three different types of market: match odds (1/x/2), over/under 2.5 goals, and correct score. Each prediction displays the correct score which in turn includes the relevant predictions for the match odds market (1/x/2) and for over/under 2.5 goals (e.g. a forecast '1-0' is at the same time a forecast for a home win and an under 2.5 goals).
The calculation method is as simple as it is effective: Usually, for the markets 1/x/2 and over/under 2.5 goals, the most recent 20 matches of the opposing teams in the relevant league build the basis for the calculation. Since home/away records seem to have greater influence in some leagues compared to others, the specific percentage influence of the home/away record has been optimised for each individual competition. Afterwards, correct scores are being calculated using the most frequent scores of the relevant league.
In order to improve the forecasting accuracy even further, the calculation methods are being continuously improved, whereas certain influencing criteria are being given the relevant importance.

Furthermore, there are three accuracy ('safety') levels which can be found under column 'S':
'o' - regular forecast accuracy
'+' - improved forecast accuracy (is the case when the most recent form - last 7 games as well as the head-to-head record of the last 7 seasons - also supports the forecast)
'-' - reduced forecast accuracy (when at least one of the sides has had less than 20 matches on their current level of competition)